My name is Anastasia as you may have noticed, but my friends call me Anna 🙂
I have created this blog so I can write about things I love.
Mainly I’m going to write about series, movies and animals. Why? Because I like to escape into the movies and series, away from reality. I love animals and I do my best to protect them.
Have a nice day!


“Good life” ≠ Good life

Perfect life. That for most of the grown ups mean to study hard, get good grades, be very educated and have a great job, where you earn a lot of money. But is that really a good life? As a teenager you have to choose a lot. What will you study, what hobbies you’ll have and basically every important decision that will affect your life. Society has created a perfect plan for young people what to do with their lives when it comes to that choices. For example – good teenagers go to collages and then they get a job and life a happy life. That’s what teenagers are supposed to do, if they want to be happy with their lives. So everyone goes to college. There are few exception, but mostly they’re considered not so smart just because they break the rules of a “perfect teenager”.

It’s all about what people expect you to do. So you do it. You believe that life will be better, if you follow the standards. That’s how many people choose the wrong path. The truth is that once you get that degree it doesn’t really count much. You get a job just the same as those without it. You get trapped into a system with new expectations what you should do with life next. Society and media will always pressure people with what are we suppose to do with our lives. And once we achieve what’s expected from us, new expectations will come.

I know someone girl who had to decide what school is she going to. She wanted to be a truck driver. She wanted to educate herself in this direction. But her mother insisted to choose something else, because that’s a job for men, not women. Maybe she’ll change her course later in life, but until then she’s stuck in school where she won’t enjoy because that’s not what she wants to do – it’s what she’s suppose to do.

The only way to escape that is not to burden yourself with what are you suppose to do if you want to have a good life and choose what you really want instead. Break the chains of society and choose a life you want. No life is perfect. No matter how educated are you, only you can make your life worth living.
Choose what you love over what you’re suppose to do and stick with things that make you happy. Appreciate small thing because these are the ones who make your life. Not the big stuff like school and a job.


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Rats as pets

Hello again. It’s been a long time since I’ve written the last article. The truth is that I don’t really know what to write about. Now I’ve figured that rats are very underrated animals. Most of the people see them as a very harmful rodents and that’s the main reason why people don’t allow them into the house. Have you ever thought about having one as a pet?

In my live I had many rodents as a pets. I had hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, even mice, and yet, my rat Morticia is the best rodent pet so far.


Some rodents are more difficult to tame as others. The rats are one of the easiest animals to tame. Morticia, for example, became completely domestic just two days after I brought her home. They trust human faster than any other rodent species. Some people say that dog is man’s best friend, but I dare to say the same thing for rats.


Some people think that rats are dangerous and that they’ll bite you… One of the most untrue rumors about rats. Of course they need something to chew but they’re satisfied with a piece of stick or dry bread. Believe me when I say that the last thing they wanna eat is your finger.


Rats love company. If you want to have a pet that you can actually pet, but you don’t want/can’t have a dog or a cat, then I recommend  you to have a rat. Rats need company. If you can’t spend much time with them then it’s better to have two rats instead of one so they’ll keep each other busy.


Rats also love to play. They love labyrinths and different toys in their cages. Swings, slides,… everything is welcome as long as it’s fun. Labyrinths are no exception.

If you have any other question about rats feel free to ask me (in the comments, message me on my fb account,… wherever)


Hello there! It’s the end of December and It’s just about time to watch some Christmas movies! Most of the Christmas movies are family comedies, which I usually don’t watch, but Christmas horror, that’s the best Christmas movie you can get!

First of all I would like to make this clear: In the Europe in some countries Krampusses are part of Christmas tradition. The only difference  is that they don’t come at the Christmas time but in the beginning of December, when there is another merry man, delivering gifts. He’s called St. Nicholas and he has his helpers Krampusses. While younger children are afraid of Krampusses the older ones enjoy them more than gifts that they get. It’s a tradition that St. Nicholas on the 4th December visits all the children in the village and he has his krampusses with him, in case if some kids are naughty. But the tradition is that older children tease krampusses so they’re chased by them all over the village.


Some people say that Krampus isn’t very good movie, that we can’t even call it a horror movie. It’s true that there are some funny scenes and that you can laugh a lot but you can’t deny that there are some pretty intense scenes as well. Especially in the cinema with all these sound effects. Like when Krampus is walking around with his hooves and the all cinema shakes. Or the sudden scenes that make you jump on your seat. Some say that the mask is awful. It’s true that you can see it’s fake but so what? we didn’t come to the cinema to judge the outfits!
What I’m saying is that I enjoyed this movie and I don’t think that I’m the only one. And people should spend less time criticizing the movie and spend some more time enjoying good story.


Now about the story itself – I think it’s brilliant! The old legend of Krampus and his little helpers, that runs through the generations. Krampus takes the families that don’t have Christmas spirit. There are some pros and cons about this story. The biggest disadvantage is that children might be afraid instead of anxious about Christmas. I do think that this movie might be good for children. Who doesn’t love good old bedtime story? The good thing is that this movie encourages people to believe in Christmas spirit. What is better that family gathered together on Christmas?


I have to say that I’m not overfond of winter, but this is one of my favorite horror movies ever. Thrilling and at the same time kind of funny story, that is also quite educational. I cannot wait to watch it again!

Okay thanks for reading (again) and please comment which movie review would you like to see next!
Marry Christmas and happy new year, my dear Mellons!

Norse mythology

Lately I’ve been doing a research for our school magazine. Every year we have a student exchange to Norway so we’ve decided to make a special edition about it.


Me and my friend are suppose to make an article about Norse mythology, which I find very interesting. We’ve chose it because we’ve been watching this New Zealand series The almighty Johnsons and we’ve heard something about it already.

What I like about it most is that it is polytheism. Multiple gods, some of them are good and they help people and some of them are evil and they’re trying to rule the universe. This is much more interesting than having only one god, right?


Then there is the Yggdrasil tree. A complex tree of life with 9 realms. Two of them are for man, of course because they’re the most powerful, then there is one world for each of the mystical creatures: Elves, dwarves, giants, one world is for men. The last one is the world for goddess Hel, who’s the goddess of the dead. There world are all over the Yggdrasil, some of them high on the branches, other deep in the roots itself.

Runes on the stone

What I also like about Norse mythology are Runes. It is an ancient writing, used by many cultures. There are different types of runes: Elder and Younger Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhark, Armanen runes, Ghotic runes,… I’ve learned some of the runes myself, but the problem is that there is a chaos on the internet and the information are mostly mixed up, so be careful about it if you decide to learn yourself.


I would like to count some of my favorite Norse gods. I have to say that I’ve grown quite fond of Loki but I must admit that it’s mostly Marvel’s fault. Yes, I’ve watched the movie Thor and that’s why I like Loki. But this god is a trickster anyway. If that doesn’t make him one of the most interesting gods, than I don’t know what does.
Then there is Bragi, god of poetry. Him too, I like because of TV. But this time isn’t Thor behind this but The almighty Johnsons.
Odin, the Allfater of course, because he’s a god war, and because he’s a ruler of all the gods.
Hel is defiantly my favorite goddess, because she’s the goddess of the dead. There are even different opinions whatever she was dead or alive and surprise, she’s a daughter of Loki.


For the end I would like to recommend you to watch The almighty Johnsons. Some true believers that are very into Norse mythology, this series might be a bit offensive, because it’s about gods, trapped in the form of persons and this show is more or less making fun out of everybody. There is not much about the actual mythology. It’s also not very instructive, it’s just for fun. And jet there is a lot of fun going on, believe me, you won’t get bored while watching it.

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Cosy winter

Hello, I’m back! I know it’s been a long time, but I was busy with school and I didn’t know what to write about. It’s getting cold here, winter is coming. My advice? Stay inside and turn every heating device that you have in your house on. Like the Starks from game of thrones would say: “Winter is coming!”.

But how to spend quality winter time even if you’re not fan of cold, snow and everything else that is waiting for you on your doorstep?

1. Good company!

Especially at Christmas and New Year it’s important to be surrounded with people you love. The best are family members. When I was younger I used to sleep over at my friend’s house for Christmas or New Year. But when we were celebrating these special events I felt guilty for not being with my family. They’re suppose to be family events! I recommend you to stay with your family and spend some quality time together. Cook the dinner together, sing some winter song together, play some board games, decorate the house, have some guests,…
Even on normal winter day you can invite friends over so you’re not bored all the time.

Family dinner

2. Heating systems!

There are many ways how to worm up your apartment. For example, when I used to live with my parents, we used to worm ourselves up with nice, cosy fireplace. It wasn’t that bad, at least if you were in the same room as the fireplace. But in my room, where I spent most of my time, it was cold almost all the time. And there are chances that you poison ourself with gases that the fire provides when there is not enough oxygen.
I have a different type of heating now – infrared heater panel. It’s cool, you just set the temperature and the place starts getting warmer. So much easier than fireplace. But the problem is that it takes some time to heat the place up. For example I turned it off tonight to save some money on electric bills. I don’t know how warm was there at the morning, I set the temperature on 73.4°F (23°C). At the moment it’s 64.04°F (17,8°C). I’m still waiting for my place to heat up!
Of course there are other heating devices, but they all have their own pros and cons. Some are more expensive than the others, some have really bad effect on the environment, some of them take a lot of time ho heat the place up…
What do you use at home and which heating device is the best by your opinion and why?


3. Something to do!

My way to never get bored? I watch a lot of movies and series. That’s just the kind of person I am. Some people get bored with watching TV quite soon. In that case I recommend you to do something you love. Find your own hobbies and enjoy! Remember, life is way to short to waste your time doing something you don’t like. There are many ways how to entertain yourself. If you don’t like watching TV, than you can get yourself some books from the library and read, you can bake something, you can spend your winter decorating your house or hanging out with friends,… Be creative! It’s true that some people can’t have fun easily, especially if you’re that kind of person who needs something going on around him. Than you can find a party, or organise it yourself.

Christmas cookies

I don’t know when I’m going to write again, I’ll be back as soon as I’ll have some free time. Again, thank you for reading my blog! Bye!

Paranormal investigation

As many of you know, the new school year has begun. The first thing that we have to do at our English class is to write an article. We can choose the topic ourselves. So, I’ve decided to write about one of my favourite topics – paranormal investigations. Then I thought, why wouldn’t I use it? On my blog page? I can post it here as well… So here we go:

Paranormal investigations

First of all, what do we count as paranormal?
As much as I’ve found in the dictionaries, paranormal means something that’s not normal, something that can’t be explained. In the case of investigations, in most of the cases we talk about ghosts and demons. Some people are sceptic, which means that they don’t believe that ghosts and demons exist. On the other hand we have people who are believers. They mostly believe in paranormal because of the unexplained things, that has happened to them. Or they’ve just seen enough evidence. That’s what paranormal investigators do. They collect evidence of paranormal. They don’t do it to make sceptic people believers. They do it so people have evidence. And they can decide what they believe for themselves.

As Zak Bagans, one of the best paranormal researchers worldwide wrote, “let’s remember that science was once convinced that the world was flat and disbelievers were burned at the stake as heretics” (Dark world, book by Zak Bagans).

Paranormal investigation crews

There are many paranormal investigation crews all over the world. Many of the paranormal researchers started investigating because they had some paranormal experience and they wanted to capture what they’ve seen on camera. Some are just attracted to creepy things. And some believe in ghost and they want to help them, because they think that ghosts are lost, and it is believed that some of the ghosts don’t even know that they’re dead already.

Ghost adventures cres
Ghost adventures crew

Ghosts and demons

There are some main differences between ghosts and demons. It is said that ghosts used to be living people, that are now deceased. There can be residual energy, that means that it’s just echoes from the past. What researchers look for are intelligent spirits, that can answer their questions.
Demons, on the other hand, are beings that have never been human. They’re dark entities, usually quite dangerous, not something to mess with.


Every researcher needs his own equipment. First of all almost every researcher uses camera. That’s important if you want to share your evidences with the world. The rest of equipment is specialised for searching paranormal.
I’d like to start with one of the oldest and the most classic pieces of equipment ever invented. That’s Ouija board. People used it centuries ago and yet today people still use it. That’s basically a board with letters and “Yes”, “No” and “Goodbye” writings on it, then you have a small, usually wooden triangle to put on the top. People put their hand on the triangle on the top of the board and the ghost uses it’s power to move it and answer questions. But, as it is written in the history, many bad things has happened, because people didn’t care about the rules.

Ghost investigating equipment
Ghost investigating equipment

There is also modern technology used when searching for ghosts.
Most of the researchers use EVP recorder. It’s known that ghosts can communicate with lower or higher frequency than the one that human ears can detect. EVP recorders are able to catch these frequencies and when an investigator records sounds and later listens to them, he can find a voice that he hadn’t heard before.
Spirit box SB – there are a couple of spirit boxes invented. Ghosts can communicate to investigator directly, because ghosts can generate voices trough it.
Mel meter can detect changes in temperature (lower temperature can indicate ghosts). It also detects EMF frequency changes. If EMF spikes goes up, and temperature is low, that usually means that there is a ghost near you.
There are also devices which allow you to see the ghost. Usual thermal cam is a classic. As I’ve written before, ghosts are cold. So if you see purple figure on your thermal camera is most likely a ghost.


Many people believe that paranormal researchers are jokers. Some people believe that what investigators do is meaningless. But paranormal investigating isn’t a joke. Actually, researchers are professional people.
First, they have to find a haunted location. Then there is a lot of research done about the history of a haunted place. There are no ghosts if no one died. So first they find out who died at the place they’re going to research.
Places, were people died, are usually very haunted, so these are called hotspots. That’s where it’s best to set night vision cameras.
When the night comes they set the equipment and call for the spirits. Sometimes they get nothing, sometimes they’re even attacked by dark entities.



Most likely they find some noises, like knocks and scratching sounds. They usually always get at least one EVP, spirit voice. If the location is good, they might even get things moving (very usual for poltergeist) or even shadows and orbs (also called anomalies, bright lights, one form of the ghosts).


That’s my short article, but I’m afraid it’s still too long for my professor (she asked for an article with 150-160 words). I feel like I could write about it forever. I have to say that I’m not sceptic. But I’m not sure that I’m total believer. I would like to go researching with my favourite paranormal group, Ghost Adventures. That’s how I would see it with my own eyes and I would have an experience that I would remember for the rest of my life.
I think that I might start researching on my own when I’m older. Like a hobby or something.

At the end I would like to recommend you the book, written by Zak Bagans. As far as I know he’s written 2 books. I’ve just started reading the first one, called Dark World. I’ve read 30 pages so far and I love it already. Zak Bagans can be a role model to many of us, not just as an investigator, but as a human being. He has inspired me on the every level that a person can be inspired. Can’t wait to continue the reading.

Zak Bagans - Dark World
Zak Bagans – Dark World

Dog perfumes

A couple of days ago I’ve been in pet store, buying some cat food, for my cat, Peter.
Suddenly a girl with her mother comes in. They’ve been looking around the shop for a while, they looked like they’re searching for something. Seller noticed that and asked them what are they looking for. The mother asked: “do you sell dog perfumes?” I thought “You’re kidding right?”

Then I bought cat food and right before I left I asked a seller: “What is a dog perfume?” 
At first the seller was a bit confused, but then she has answered that these are actual perfumes for dogs. She even said that they smell really nice.

I thought that the dogs use their scent as their ID? Dogs can smell very well. And we all know how they mark their territory. When a dog first meets other dog they first smell each other. It’s like their personal data in in their scent.

So what’s the point of dog perfumes? It’s like taking dog’s ID and replacing it. Other dogs can’t even recognize them. They can’t even recognize themselves!
Imagine, you have a rocker, maybe heavy metal dude and suddenly you put him in pink, with pink little bag and a pink bow in the hair. That’s what it’s like for dogs to change their scent.

And for what? Just because stupid dog owners don’t like the way their dogs smell! If you don’t like their smell maybe bath them a bit more often. But  do not change their nature! Don’t force them to be something they’re not!

Dog is human’s best friend and a dog would never do something like that to us. Don’t think only about how things effect humans, think about other animals as well!

Every dog has his own perfume: His own scent!